You are cordially invited DO’S & DON’TS

You are cordially invited DO’S & DON’TS

Don’t stress over the Do’s and Don’ts of your wedding! Here is our handy guide to make sure they you are on track with all your wedding invitation etiquette.

You are cordially inviated. DO'S & DONT'S

Escort place card and table cards

Escort place card and table cards

If you’re working on wedding reception seating (or have seen people working on their seating charts!) you know it’s a somewhat stressful situation. Once you figure out the puzzle of assigned seats — if that’s the kind of reception you’re hosting — it’s time to figure out escort cards. We put together a helpful, three-point decoder to writing, arranging and assigning escort cards to all of your guests. Read on!

How do escort, place and table cards differ? Do I need them all?
If you’re having designated seating, you’ll need them all. An escort card, typically situated on a table near the entrance to your reception room, lists a guest’s table number. It’s often tucked into a miniature envelope with the guest’s name written on the outside (right). A place card is put at his specific seat; write the guest’s name on both sides of the card so everyone knows who their tablemates are. A table card is the piece of paper that identifies the table, usually with a number. Alternatively, you could name the tables after your favorite vacation spots, flowers, love songs or other things meaningful to you.

What’s the best way to arrange the escort cards?
If you’re doing assigned tables at your reception, you’ll need to have escort cards (sometimes called “seating cards”), which direct a guest to his or her assigned dining table. Usually, they are printed or calligraphed with the guest’s first and last name (titles such as “Mr.” and “Mrs.” are optional) and the table number. All of the cards are then displayed on a special table near the reception entrance, where the guest can easily access it. For guests’ ease, the cards should then be arranged in alphabetical order by last name. Traditionally, you would write one escort card per couple (married or unmarried), one card for someone with a guest, and one card for families. Here are some examples of how these cards should be addressed:

For a married couple (formal):
Mr. and Mrs. John Stevens

For a married couple (less formal):
John and Jane Stevens

For an unmarried couple, alphabetize the guests according to their last name:
Elizabeth Harris and Thomas Smith

For someone with a guest:
Andrew Chan and Guest

For a family:
The Craft Family

I’m about to write out the place cards. Does each unmarried guest get his own? Does the same rule apply to table cards?
First, let’s get the types of cards straight. Place cards mark each seat at the bride’s and parents’ tables, but are optional elsewhere, except at very formal weddings. If you want to designate each seat, every guest will need his own place card, whether he’s single or not. Table cards (also called escort cards) direct people to their tables; solo guests should all get their own, but a couple can share one.

Information taken by Bridal magazine:


Cool treats for hot weather weddings

How do you help guests keep cool during your summer wedding? With iconic hot weather treats, jazzed up for your big day!

Here are some ideas for making it fun to beat the heat.

Ice on wheels
Hire a snow cone truck to set up at your wedding, and ask that it be stocked with all the favorite flavors. Add a personal touch to the paper cones with personalized seals.

Go frozen
Frozen watermelon on a stick. Frozen berries on skewers to stir into drinks. Use summer’s bountiful supply of fresh fruit to keep your cool.

Make lemonade
Ask your caterer to set up a lemonade station with a variety of different flavors and fruit purees to mix in. Make sure you have fun glasses like drinking jars and cute straws for sipping.

Popsicles in champagne
Make up a giant batch of fruity frozen popsicles and have them right next to the champagne. Guests can enjoy both the fruit and the fizz at once.

Cocktail popsicles
Red wine, mint julep, margarita, champagne – your favorite cocktail can be frozen up into a refreshing, grown up take on the popsicle.

Old favorites
Everybody loves ice cream sundaes and root beer floats. Guests will have a great time creating their own at a station specializing in these faves.

Be sure to have a good supply of personalized coasters, napkins and guest towels handy for when the frozen goodies start to melt.

Floral bridesmaid dress trend: do it right

Your wedding is the one day of your life when you can go all-out on flowers. So don’t stop at the bouquets, swags, arrangements and petals on the aisle!

Get your gals in on the petal power with the latest trend: floral bridesmaid dresses. How do you make the look work? Here’s some advice.

Mix and match
Make your wedding party super colorful by dressing each bridesmaid in a different floral print dress. The dresses don’t have to match, but a coordinated theme like style, length and general colors will create a cohesive look.

All in a row
When every bridesmaid is wearing the same floral print dress, your look will be so sweet. Each bridesmaid can stand out with a different color shrug, cardigan or wrap – and matching shoes for fun.

Flower accents
Solid-colored bridesmaid dresses with floral print tops or skirts allow you to make a bigger statement with their jewelry, bouquets and shoes.

Don’t want to distract from the look of your floral bridesmaid dresses? Have them carry bouquets of greenery or mossy wreaths with just a few blooms. Keep the jewelry simple and have the girls wear neutral or nude shoes to make the dress pop.

Floral bridesmaid dress trend: do it right

Floral bridesmaid dress trend: do it right

Honeymoon Hotspots Near and Far

Honeymoon Hotspots Near & Far

Honeymoon Hotspots Near & Far, Many engaged couples find they put almost as much effort into planning their honeymoon as they do into planning the wedding. That’s not surprising too; after all, the honeymoon is the newlyweds’ first opportunity to face life together as a couple. Fortunately there are several resources online for couples looking for hot spots for a honeymoon.

Honeymoon-hotspots Beach wedding

We took a look at a few “Honeymoon Hotspots Near and Far” around the world and discovered a surprising variety of destinations, from winter skiing to classic tropical getaways.

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada: If both of you are winter sports enthusiasts, Lake Louise is the perfect honeymoon destination and you don’t even have to travel far to spend your honeymoon. Activities at resorts such as the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise include skiing – both downhill and cross-country,  along with ice skating, snowshoeing and dog sledding. For a really romantic option, try a sleigh ride into the wilderness. The glacier-fed lake also makes this a top spot in warmer months with hiking, rafting and horseback riding.

Acapulco, Mexico: John and Jacqueline Kennedy honeymooned here in the 1950s, and this Pacific Coast Mexican resort is still popular with celebrating newlyweds. With daytime temperatures in the 80s year-round, Acapulco is an ideal place for those who love swimming and snorkeling. What’s more, even those on a budget can have a memorable honeymoon here, since prices are quite affordable.

Las Vegas, Nevada: One of the world’s great destinations for quick weddings, Las Vegas is a very popular honeymoon destination. This oasis in the Nevada desert can provide a truly action-packed wedding trip, with everything from world-class shows to casino excitement. Many hotels offer newlywed packages that include fine accommodations plus gourmet dining, casino access and entertainment. What’s more, in some hotels such as The Bellagio, it isn’t even necessary to be a guest to take a romantic stroll through its beautiful gardens.

Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida: What would a honeymoon trip to sunny Florida be without a visit to the home of Mickey Mouse and friends? What’s more, Walt Disney World Resorts have a variety of packages tailored to fit any budget. Some honeymoon packages come combined with a Bahamas cruise aboard a Disney ship. Those who’ve never outgrown their Mouseketeer ears can book a customized wedding at the park. A private fireworks cruise can put some real spark in any honeymoon.

Mangiss, Bali, Indonesia: For an unusual honeymoon across the miles, smart world travelers often recommend the extraordinarily hospitable island of Bali in Indonesia. The Balinese people have a fascinating culture in which every visitor is treated as an honored guest, and this outlook translates to such popular resorts as Amankila, which means “peaceful hill.” The resort overlooks the Lombok Strait in East Bali, providing stunning sea views and a perfect base to explore the rich religious traditions of Indonesia.

These top highlights merely scratch the surface of hot spots for a honeymoon, which can range from the Old World elegance of Florence, Italy, to the lush nature preserve of U.S. Virgin Islands National Park on St. John, home of Honeymoon Beach. The key is for the happy couple to choose together a destination that seems most romantic.

– Source: Weddeals.

I must add to this wonderful list: if you want a simple week getaway or weekend quick getaway before your honeymoon, visit us at to rent our wonderful beachfront cottage in the heart of Lac-Simon. 


How To Plan Your Wedding With Ease And Style

How To Plan Your Wedding With Ease And Style

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are two ways to go: hire a wedding planner, or do it yourself. Both of these have their pros and cons and which one works best for you will depend on three main factors – the amount of time you have on your hands, your budget and whether or not you like to organize events.

If Hiring A Wedding Planner … Understand that planners are professionals who sell their services. Expect to pay fees that match the planners’ skills, experience and duties for the wedding. Ask friends, coworkers, family, and pastors or religious leaders for suggestions of professional wedding planners. Check out the websites of recommended planners and choose two or three prospects that seem promising, especially those that offer free consultations. Then set up appointments to discuss needs, services and fees. It is a good idea for both of you to be present at the meeting so you cover all bases. Mariage Evy & Alex

When meeting a planner, take note of how well prepared he or she is, such as whether they bring a portfolio or brochure describing services and fees. Many planners will meet couples at their home, since wedding planning lends itself to being a good home-based business. Alternatively you could meet with the planners at your home or office.

Watch for clues that the planner respects the couple and handles details well. The best wedding planners use forms during a consultation that list standard services and fees along with space to write the prospective clients’ name, address, phone number and discussion notes. Each party should get a copy of this interview form. Ask lots of questions, including about references.

Reputable planners are glad to provide references; if the planner seems reluctant to do so, cross him or her off the prospect list.

If Going It On Your Own … Wise couples understand they can’t do everything themselves. Ask for help from family and close friends, especially those invited to be part of the wedding party. Ask friends and family to be wedding attendants. Their primary job is to help get ready for the big day, and there are plenty of jobs to go around. You’ll be glad to have someone to help. Research free wedding planning forms available online and choose one that works best. A checklist helps keep track of tasks. Decide together what style of wedding you want. Use websites and bridal magazines to aid the discussion. Choosing the wedding style will determine both, the budget as well as details such as decorations and bridal outfits. Set a budget. Wedding websites often feature budget worksheets created by bridal planners, which keep a couple form missing important details. Couples can use the proposed budget to decide how much to save for the wedding or as a plan for asking both sets of parents for financial assistance. In general, it’s smart to avoid going into debt for a wedding, because heavy debt can stress a newlywed couple to a breaking point.


Wedding Invitations

Wedding etiquette without kids- Wedding Invitations

Wedding etiquette without kids- Wedding Invitations

Before you send out your wedding invitations, call friends and family who have kids and let them know that a wedding invitation is on the way and that you have opted for a “no children wedding”. That way they will have time to line up babysitters.Wedding Invitations

Wedding etiquette experts say that it’s tacky to write “no children” on the invites. Instead, state on the RSVP card that it will be an “adult reception”.
Another way of saying this is to write the following on the RSVP card: “We have reserved __seats in your honor” and just include the number of adults.

It is a sensitive issue when you do not want kids at your wedding, but many reasons for your decision should be respected by your family and friends.  It is not that you do not like children, it can be because you want to limit the cost of your plating, that you are on a tight budget and that the extension of the family must be kept at a minimum.  Its your Wedding Day, we want it to be perfect and memorable. This is just a little detail that starts off early since you need to send your wedding invitations.  It happens more and more, I am sure you will have family and friends that will be understanding.

Wedding invitations by Le Bouquet Blanc

Why hire a Wedding Planner you may say, let me count the ways:

Why hire a Wedding Planner you may say, let me count the ways:
I have been organizing Weddings & Corporate events for over 20+years.  When an event goes flawless you say its picture perfect a dream come true, but how many things really go wrong in the back end of it, let me shares some experiences in my journey, Nathalie Rossy from Le Bouquet Blanc.


The wedding party is ready to walk down the aisle, Le Bouquet Blanc wedding planning makes sure that the organist is ready and on cue, only to find out that they were going to put the traditional Wedding song for the bride to walk down; hmmm, just think of the dilemma that the wedding party is walking down the aisle to the wedding tune of the bride.
A maid of honor is 3 months pregnant, suffers from anxiety disorder and cannot stand to long. Nathalie   discreetly comes to her rescue when she is about to pass out at the front of the church. Transparent and avoiding attention, I bring her a cold cloth to put on her neck and some water and crackers to eat.  She feels better and only the people in the first row behind her were aware.


A town car blocks the Church entrance.  Nobody knows where the driver is and the limo is waiting with the future bride to walk down the aisle.  Nathalie & Keith come to the rescue and find the driver across the street at a McDonalds on St Catherine Street enjoying his burger that he quickly gulps down when is strongly advised to get in his car and go or a towing company is on its way.
A Wedding is planned at circuit Gilles Villeneuve.  The employees are unionized and are set in their rules. Prior to the Wedding, I meet with the future groom to discuss decoration and wedding planning. The receptionist refuses to let us in to visit the hall and the site. My client is on his lunch hour and time is ticking. We wait 45 minutes to try to locate someone.  I find a maintenance man who is kind enough to show us the hall.  Prior to the wedding, we had to get duct tape and extension cords to make the 18 cedars we decorated light up for the wedding.  Keith runs out to get the items since the technician cannot locate them.  The beer delivery man refuses to bring the beer to the upstairs bar.  Keith brings up the 20 cases one by one and makes sure to have them cold in the fridge for the guests. Quick note, fridges dont work, now we get nervous and Nathalie calls the City of Montréal to find the guy to fix the fridge.
When selecting a wedding planner, the most important advice I can give to you is, make sure you bond with that person, make sure she/he is honest, don’t just rely on this person for your Wedding day planning, but this person will be there for you throughout your journey.
In many of the weddings I have planned, couples have remained close to my heart and have kept in touch.  Some come back for baby favors or flowers, or baskets, or have become my good friends on facebook. See my testimonials page.
I hope to meet you and make your wedding dreams come true!  I will promise to do everything I can in my power to give you your special day, whether it is planning your event or being your wedding officiant.

Seating arrangements

wedding seating arrangementsCeremony seating only get complicated when you have to factor in where to seat your feuding divorced parents and their better halves without causing any friction or hurt feelings. Family Seating Traditions

In Christian weddings, traditionally the family of the bride sits on the bride’s side in the church, which is on the left hand side when facing the altar. The groom’s side of the family sits at the right side of the church. In Jewish weddings it is the other way round- groom’s family on the left and bride’s family on the right side of the church.

If you have several attendants in your wedding party and the ceremony is likely to be a long one, keep the first row in the church on both sides reserved for them. The second row is reserved for the bride and groom’s parents along with any siblings who are not part of the wedding party. Of course, the bride’s parents and siblings will occupy the second row on the left hand side and the groom’s parents and sibling will be seated at the right side of the church. Grandparents sit on the third row along with other siblings and their families who did not fit on the 2nd row.

The next three rows – the 4th to the 7th row is for other close family members and honored guests including uncles and aunts, cousins and their respective families, god parents and those doing the special readings or assigned any other specific tasks during the ceremony.

Seating Step Family
Seating step family will require a little more tact so you do not end up hurting anyone even unintentionally. Every situation is different and it is a good idea to discuss this with all the sets of parents while making your wedding plans so matters can be resolved before the actual ceremony.
Usually, the primary caregiver parent will be seated in the second row with his or her spouse and the other parent will be seated in the third row along with their spouse. If both sets of parents don’t mind, they may share the front row with their respective spouses. Step siblings sit directly behind the immediate family.


Elderly guests & Wheelchair Bound Guests

Elderly guests should be seated near the front of the church so it is easier for them to participate in the ceremony.Seat all wheelchair bound guests or guests with crutches at the end of the pew so they can get in and get out easily.

To move everything along smoothly on the wedding day, you could enlist a couple of friends or cousins to help out with ushering duties and help guide the guests especially if you are planning a big wedding.Nathalie- owner and founder of Le Bouquet Blanc suggests to get table cards and table seating arrangements in order to make sure that no decisions need to be made by your guests.  Also hiring a wedding planner for the day to remove the stress of wedding planning will be the job of the wedding planner to manage your wonderful guests on this day.

Wedding Coordinator, Do I Need One?

wedding plannerWedding Coordinator,  Do I Need One?

Wedding Coordinator,  Do I Need One? Wedding guests are hardly ever privy to everything that’s going on behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly at this big event. As a guest all you notice is that everything is just hunky dory. Wedding Coordinator,  Do I Need One?
The bride looks radiant, confident and ever-smiling. The groom is as charming as ever and everybody seems to be having a lot of fun.If you stop to think about it though, do you think this would be possible without someone coordinating everything? Sure, you do not see anyone rushing around giving orders and telling everyone what to do, but when you consider the dynamics of a  wedding reception, it is hardly likely that everything will go according to plan just on its own.
There has to be somebody managing things and liaising between the caterers, the musicians, the decorators and the photographer, not to mention the bridal car and the church ceremony, the wedding cake…There are lots and lots of little and large factors that have to be taken into consideration and they are all interlinked. If one thing does not go to plan, it can have a snowball effect and ruin the whole day. Does That Someone Have To Be A Professional Wedding Coordinator?
No, not necessarily. You can delegate any reliable family member or friend to be in charge of coordinating everything and making sure that it all goes according to plan. That should work just fine. At east, in theory. The reality is, getting a family member or a close friend to stand in as a coordinator at your wedding may save you some money but that’s about the only benefit you are going to get.For one thing, family and friends want to join in the celebrations at your wedding. They want to be there while you are cutting the cake and during your first dance and they would like to be there in all the group family photographs. Nobody wants to miss these highlights just because they are busy making sure that the food goes out on time or that all the guests have their glasses refilled regularly.
It’s something that you’d never really think about but asking cousin Eric to be your wedding coordinator could lead to a few embarrassing ‘situations’ as other cousins take offence at not being chosen and aunt Sue reminds you about how much she’s done for you and she thinks her son Jimmy should get that honor and suddenly out of nowhere, there’s yet another family feud afoot. You don’t want to live with that guilt do you?

Hire A Professional Wedding Coordinator And Enjoy Your Wedding Day
When you hire a professional wedding coordinator, you get someone who is not a guest at your wedding and is not interested in partaking of the celebrations or getting into any of the pictures. The only thing they are focused on is making sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

More importantly, you get someone who is neutral and does not have to worry about tiptoeing around anyone just in case they hurt their feelings.


A wedding coordinator has done this several times before and knows what to expect under the various circumstances and knows how to handle difficult situations before they escalate.
Should you hire a wedding coordinator? For peace of mind before, during and after your wedding day, you absolutely 

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