Our best sellers are Chunky Chocolate cookies,  Festive Cranberry cookies, soup in a jar and brownies.Cookies in a Jar

Available during the holiday seasons. Child-friendly, fun craft gift, M&M Cookies in a Jar is perfect for teacher gifts, Secret Santa or stocking stuffers! For a holiday touch, use M&M-brand chocolate candies in seasonal colors. We have been making these delectable fool proof cookies in a jar now for over 15 years and customers keep coming back for more.  They are ready in less than 13 minutes, they are inexpensive as a gift and what better than to give something that makes 36 cookies.  Eat your heart out.  Try Nat & Keiths best cookies.  


We stand by our products being one of the best the best tasting out there!  We have been selling our products online and in Arts and Crafts shows for over a decade.  Our clients come back ever year wanting more.  We have excellent recipes and our average jar makes 36 nice size treats.

Chunky Chococolate cookies- Biscuits au chocolats.
Festive Cranberry cookies- Biscuits Canneberges de fête.
Orange sugar cookies- Biscuits sucre orange.
ChocoCranberry- Canneberges et Chocolats.
Oatmeal raisin cookies- Biscuits au gruau et raisins.
Holiday Honey Spice cookies- Épices et miel de fêtes.
M&M Cookies – Biscuits M&M
Friendship Soup – Soupe en amitié