Wedding Coordinator, Do I Need One?

wedding plannerWedding Coordinator,  Do I Need One?

Wedding Coordinator,  Do I Need One? Wedding guests are hardly ever privy to everything that’s going on behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly at this big event. As a guest all you notice is that everything is just hunky dory. Wedding Coordinator,  Do I Need One?
The bride looks radiant, confident and ever-smiling. The groom is as charming as ever and everybody seems to be having a lot of fun.If you stop to think about it though, do you think this would be possible without someone coordinating everything? Sure, you do not see anyone rushing around giving orders and telling everyone what to do, but when you consider the dynamics of a  wedding reception, it is hardly likely that everything will go according to plan just on its own.
There has to be somebody managing things and liaising between the caterers, the musicians, the decorators and the photographer, not to mention the bridal car and the church ceremony, the wedding cake…There are lots and lots of little and large factors that have to be taken into consideration and they are all interlinked. If one thing does not go to plan, it can have a snowball effect and ruin the whole day. Does That Someone Have To Be A Professional Wedding Coordinator?
No, not necessarily. You can delegate any reliable family member or friend to be in charge of coordinating everything and making sure that it all goes according to plan. That should work just fine. At east, in theory. The reality is, getting a family member or a close friend to stand in as a coordinator at your wedding may save you some money but that’s about the only benefit you are going to get.For one thing, family and friends want to join in the celebrations at your wedding. They want to be there while you are cutting the cake and during your first dance and they would like to be there in all the group family photographs. Nobody wants to miss these highlights just because they are busy making sure that the food goes out on time or that all the guests have their glasses refilled regularly.
It’s something that you’d never really think about but asking cousin Eric to be your wedding coordinator could lead to a few embarrassing ‘situations’ as other cousins take offence at not being chosen and aunt Sue reminds you about how much she’s done for you and she thinks her son Jimmy should get that honor and suddenly out of nowhere, there’s yet another family feud afoot. You don’t want to live with that guilt do you?

Hire A Professional Wedding Coordinator And Enjoy Your Wedding Day
When you hire a professional wedding coordinator, you get someone who is not a guest at your wedding and is not interested in partaking of the celebrations or getting into any of the pictures. The only thing they are focused on is making sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

More importantly, you get someone who is neutral and does not have to worry about tiptoeing around anyone just in case they hurt their feelings.


A wedding coordinator has done this several times before and knows what to expect under the various circumstances and knows how to handle difficult situations before they escalate.
Should you hire a wedding coordinator? For peace of mind before, during and after your wedding day, you absolutely