Why hire a Wedding Planner you may say, let me count the ways:

Why hire a Wedding Planner you may say, let me count the ways:
I have been organizing Weddings & Corporate events for over 20+years.  When an event goes flawless you say its picture perfect a dream come true, but how many things really go wrong in the back end of it, let me shares some experiences in my journey, Nathalie Rossy from Le Bouquet Blanc.


The wedding party is ready to walk down the aisle, Le Bouquet Blanc wedding planning makes sure that the organist is ready and on cue, only to find out that they were going to put the traditional Wedding song for the bride to walk down; hmmm, just think of the dilemma that the wedding party is walking down the aisle to the wedding tune of the bride.
A maid of honor is 3 months pregnant, suffers from anxiety disorder and cannot stand to long. Nathalie   discreetly comes to her rescue when she is about to pass out at the front of the church. Transparent and avoiding attention, I bring her a cold cloth to put on her neck and some water and crackers to eat.  She feels better and only the people in the first row behind her were aware.


A town car blocks the Church entrance.  Nobody knows where the driver is and the limo is waiting with the future bride to walk down the aisle.  Nathalie & Keith come to the rescue and find the driver across the street at a McDonalds on St Catherine Street enjoying his burger that he quickly gulps down when is strongly advised to get in his car and go or a towing company is on its way.
A Wedding is planned at circuit Gilles Villeneuve.  The employees are unionized and are set in their rules. Prior to the Wedding, I meet with the future groom to discuss decoration and wedding planning. The receptionist refuses to let us in to visit the hall and the site. My client is on his lunch hour and time is ticking. We wait 45 minutes to try to locate someone.  I find a maintenance man who is kind enough to show us the hall.  Prior to the wedding, we had to get duct tape and extension cords to make the 18 cedars we decorated light up for the wedding.  Keith runs out to get the items since the technician cannot locate them.  The beer delivery man refuses to bring the beer to the upstairs bar.  Keith brings up the 20 cases one by one and makes sure to have them cold in the fridge for the guests. Quick note, fridges dont work, now we get nervous and Nathalie calls the City of Montréal to find the guy to fix the fridge.
When selecting a wedding planner, the most important advice I can give to you is, make sure you bond with that person, make sure she/he is honest, don’t just rely on this person for your Wedding day planning, but this person will be there for you throughout your journey.
In many of the weddings I have planned, couples have remained close to my heart and have kept in touch.  Some come back for baby favors or flowers, or baskets, or have become my good friends on facebook. See my testimonials page.
I hope to meet you and make your wedding dreams come true!  I will promise to do everything I can in my power to give you your special day, whether it is planning your event or being your wedding officiant.