Seating arrangements

wedding seating arrangementsCeremony seating only get complicated when you have to factor in where to seat your feuding divorced parents and their better halves without causing any friction or hurt feelings. Family Seating Traditions

In Christian weddings, traditionally the family of the bride sits on the bride’s side in the church, which is on the left hand side when facing the altar. The groom’s side of the family sits at the right side of the church. In Jewish weddings it is the other way round- groom’s family on the left and bride’s family on the right side of the church.

If you have several attendants in your wedding party and the ceremony is likely to be a long one, keep the first row in the church on both sides reserved for them. The second row is reserved for the bride and groom’s parents along with any siblings who are not part of the wedding party. Of course, the bride’s parents and siblings will occupy the second row on the left hand side and the groom’s parents and sibling will be seated at the right side of the church. Grandparents sit on the third row along with other siblings and their families who did not fit on the 2nd row.

The next three rows – the 4th to the 7th row is for other close family members and honored guests including uncles and aunts, cousins and their respective families, god parents and those doing the special readings or assigned any other specific tasks during the ceremony.

Seating Step Family
Seating step family will require a little more tact so you do not end up hurting anyone even unintentionally. Every situation is different and it is a good idea to discuss this with all the sets of parents while making your wedding plans so matters can be resolved before the actual ceremony.
Usually, the primary caregiver parent will be seated in the second row with his or her spouse and the other parent will be seated in the third row along with their spouse. If both sets of parents don’t mind, they may share the front row with their respective spouses. Step siblings sit directly behind the immediate family.


Elderly guests & Wheelchair Bound Guests

Elderly guests should be seated near the front of the church so it is easier for them to participate in the ceremony.Seat all wheelchair bound guests or guests with crutches at the end of the pew so they can get in and get out easily.

To move everything along smoothly on the wedding day, you could enlist a couple of friends or cousins to help out with ushering duties and help guide the guests especially if you are planning a big wedding.Nathalie- owner and founder of Le Bouquet Blanc suggests to get table cards and table seating arrangements in order to make sure that no decisions need to be made by your guests.  Also hiring a wedding planner for the day to remove the stress of wedding planning will be the job of the wedding planner to manage your wonderful guests on this day.