Bears in love Valentines


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This Bears in love Valentines gift basket contains the following:

  • Walkers shortbread cookies
  • Chocolate covered graham cookie
  • Red and black wine gummies
  • Chocolate sea salt caramels
  • Lindt chocolates
  • Delicadeza traditional pastry with sugar and cinammon
  • truffles
  • Godiva chocolates
  • Brookside chocolat noir
  • meltaways
  • Cocoa amore
  • Brownie chocolate chip prima cookies
  • Popcorn
  • Cheese
  • Tea 
  • Baru natural ingredient marshmallow chocolate covered.
  • Complimented in a lovely box with a beautiful red bow

Valentine’s Day is an annual commemoration held on February 14th. We are celebrating love and affection between companions. Bears in love Valentines are a lovely keepsake box.

Colors of Love

Love can be red, like the intense heat of a passionate kiss
…..the color of sweetness
…..the color of strawberries
Love can be blue, like the comfort we take in a pair of denim jeans
…..the color of strength
…..the color of perfect skies
Love can be yellow, bright and warm like the morning sun
… the sounds of laughters of children on the merry-go-round
… the sounds of fun from the boys flying kites in the open
Love can be green, peaceful and serene I can hear your heart beats
… is the feeling of a loving hand that touch a grieving heart
… is the whispering of trusting words to a distressing soul
Love can be orange, the loudness of it can drive you up a wall
… can drive you to sing like nobody is listening
… can drive you to dance like nobody is watching
Love can be purple, the courage we need to love bravely and unselfishly
…..the moment I first kiss you i know that i am not afraid to risk involvement …..the day the declaration of your love for me was made known to the world

Contributed by Arun Kumar


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