Acrylic Cake Serving Set

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 This diamond Clear Acrylic Cake Serving set set looks like swarovski crystals. This traditional Diamond Clear Acrylic Cake Serving Set features ornate handles that will add a touch of elegance to your wedding.Materials Plastic, Stainless Steel.

We also have some calla lilly decorated sets. Venice elegant serving sets in Gold and in Silver. Celtic Charm serving sets, Elegant vintage rose sets,

Don’t forget to get your lovely cake toppers with your cake serving set. We have a large array of decor cake toppers for you to choose from.  We also carry champagne flutes and wine glasses that can be customized to suit your wedding or special anniversaries. Get low prices on chic wedding cake serving sets, including vintage cake cutting sets. 

We do not put all our items on our wedding site, so please do gift us a call for some modern Wedding cake Knife & Server, traditional, and trendy cake cutting sets.