Sand colored sand ceremony


Sand colored sand ceremony 

Our Crystalline Quartz Sand colored sand ceremony is a must have if you’re planning a beach themed wedding or you want to elegantly display candles and other wedding reception centerpieces and décor in vases or bowls.

The Crystalline Quartz Sand is also very fine so it is perfect for use with our stylish Unity Sand Ceremony or Family Sand Ceremony vases.

The wonderful thing about our quartz sand is that it comes in such a wide range of beautiful colors.  You will be sure to find one or more sands that compliment your wedding color scheme perfectly. We have so many different types of sand to choose from for your sand ceremony. We’ve all the colors of the rainbow including shades of green, blue, purple and pink…plus many more to choose from.

Our Crystalline Quartz Sand can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the U.S.A.

Proudly serving Ottawa, Montreal, Québec, Toronto, West Island, Vancouver and Alberta.  We have different suppliers and grains of sand.  No need to worry for your cylinders, there is always extra to fill your sand ceremony and your decorative vases.  This is such a lovely touch to add to your ceremony.  

A  tradition in which a couple pours sand from separate vessels into a unified, central one. … The tradition is usually performed during the wedding ceremony, and many couples display their vessels of blended sand in their new homes as a reminder of their union.