Bachelorette glass party charms



Bachelorette glass party charms

Our Bachelorette glass party charms come in sets of 6 for you drinks!  Get a laugh with your party charms.

Don’t forget the white satin sash designed for the bachelorette party, with transfer artwork in pink and black that reads “CAUTION Bachelorette Party in Progress.” The sash is 68″ long and 5″ wide.  It is packaged in clear plastic with a folded hang card at the top (which has a cut-out tab for easy hanging in your store).  The ends of the sash are sewn together.  Also available in a “Bride to Be” version.

Bachelorette party sash. Whether it’s crowns, bridal buttons or sashes, we have it all! … Browse online and order today for amazing ranges of bachelorette gifts and accessories for the bride to be.  We can provide some lovely party favors for your friends that will be assisting your bachelorette party.  Don’t forget to visit our Favors section.

Bachelorette coaster party sets.  Comes in sets of 12.  A great decoration for your bachelorette party,  bridal party, all the details included!

Purchase our Satin Bridal Party Sashes for your bridesmaids, maid of honor, …  we loved our gifts. Absolutely loved everything in my order and it shipped to my house so quickly!!!



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