Adult Reusable Face Mask

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Adult Reusable Face Mask

Introducing an innovative new level of protection to battle the harmful particles that you come in to contact with every day. Our adult reusable face mask combines leading carbon filter technology with premium design to create a modern look you can feel good about wearing that offers protection and comfort. Our disposable PM 2.5 filters will fit your mask perfectly allowing you to insert a new filter with each use.  It is recommend to wash your mask before each use. Replace filter regularly. Our fabric cloth masks are reusable, washable and adjustable. To properly protect your mask while not in use, ensure you store it in a reusable travel bag for an easy carry solution that fits in your day pack, carry-on or handbag.  We sell the filters for your reusable cloth masks.

We also sell face masks for children.

Protective Face Masks – Kids

We want you and your kids to feel secure when you’re outside the safety of your home, and with these cloth face masks your little ones can do just that. The reusable face mask is made from a soft, lightweight fabric, and sized specifically for children without gaping for the best protection. Plus, the face-covering has a variety of additional features like an adjustable nose clip and ear straps to make them comfortable and secure. Your kids are always on the go, and with these unique features the face mask will go with them. Also, included in the mask’s design is an interior pocket that fits a disposable PM 2.5 mask filter. The five-layer filter uses carbon filter technology to provide more comprehensive protection against particulates, allergens, and pollutants when safely disposed of and replaced after each use. That way you and your kids can breathe a little easier. Best of all, the inexpensive cloth mask is washable. The whole thing can be easily hand-washed, making it a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to disposable masks. Boys and girls can choose from a wide array of cool and cute colours, designs, and patterns to help make wearing the mask outside of the house as fun as possible. Kids can feel secure with how they look wearing the masks, and parents can feel confident with their fit. For added security, check out our mask accessories where we have mask extenders, reusable travel bags, kids mask headbands, and disposable filters to help make wearing the mask comfortable, safe, and easy too.


To help slow the spread of COVID-19 the Centres for Disease Control advises the use of non-medical cloth face masks for the general public.

adult face masks

What Makes A Quality Cloth Mask?

    • 5 layers of superior protection
    • Covers mouth, nose and under chin
    • Bendable wire in nose to form a snug fit
    • Featuring interior pocket for the use of disposable PM 2.5 filter
    • Adjustable ear loop to maximize comfort
  • Protective Bag to store mask before and after use

We sell the filters in packs of 10 or pack of 50.   You may also want to buy the extended straps or headbands.  We have a multitude of colors in head bands.


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