Adult Face Mask Headband Holder – Black

Headband With Face Mask Button Holders For Ear Relief


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Headband With Face Mask Button Holders For Ear Relief

Make wearing a cloth face mask more comfortable with a cute black headband holder. Not only will it hold your hair back, but it will also hold your face mask.
The innovative headband relieves the pressure on your ears that comes from wearing a mask for extended periods without affecting the mask’s fit. It’s a new creative use for the classic women’s hair staple.  A cheap accessory to make your day a little easier. Made from a soft jersey knit cotton with a built-in elastic.  The stretchy headband stylishly prevents the ear loops of your protective mask from causing discomfort and skin irritation. With a button located on either side of the headband, the face mask is held in place by slipping the ear straps over their respective button. Leaving your ears entirely free so you’re free to go about your day in comfort.
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